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The CropLink is a multi-function device that can be connected to various tools in and around the irrigated field to monitor and control them through WagNet.  The CropLink can communicate with the Field Commander mounted on a nearby pivot via radio connection to get the data to the customers WagNet page, where it can then be viewed along with the pivot information.  Or, the CropLink can be equipped with a modem and connect directly to the internet and WagNet for applications where no Field Commander is available or radio communication is not a viable solution.

Devices such as pumps, wells, flow meters, and soil moisture probes can all be monitored and/or controlled through CropLink.  Additionally, real time charts and historical graphs can be generated by WagNet for simple and efficient record keeping.

Make well informed decisions by viewing all pertinent irrigation data from the comfort of your office computer or PDA, all on one page.

CropLink - - Take remote irrigation management and efficiency to another level!

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