CropScan - Model 3000H - On Header Analyser



The CropScan 3000H is a powerful near infrared spectrophotometer capable of measuring protein and moisture in cereal grains. The system consists of a NIR Spectrometer and a Touch Screen PC which sit in the cabin, a Remote Sampling Head and Fiber Optic Cable. The software send the data to the Cloud where it can be monitored using a PC, tablet or smart phone.The CropScan 3000H On Combine Analyser consists of a Remote Sampling Device located on the clean grain elevator, a NIR Spectrometer and a Touch Screen PC that combines the protein, oil and moisture data with GPS signals to produce real time paddock maps.

Grain travelling up the clean grain elevator falls into the Remote Sample Device. Flaps at the top and bottom of this device control the flow of grain in and out of the mechanism. The grain is trapped in the sample chamber where light passes through the grain and is collected in a fibre optic cable and transmitted back to the NIT spectrometer located inside the cabin. The bottom flap opens to release the grain and then closes, ready for the next sample. The cycle time is approximately 7-11 seconds depending on the grain.

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