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- Remote Crop Monitoring System



CropVIEW® – The New Agricultural Information System with RECIM® Technology (Remote Crop Image Monitoring). CropVIEW is an agricultural information system that periodically receives high resolution photos of the farmland. Photos are automatically uploaded to a customized Internet platform without the need of any user intervention, thus allowing a continuous crop quality and yield control in the agricultural sector.

Whether it is about checking seed germination, the effect of fertilizers or pesticides or crop development, whether a disease or pest already threatens profitability, an innovative agricultural information system guarantees  daily control of the development of your plants and fruits. High resolution images, temperature and rainfall records can be viewed daily and analyzed over time effortlessly. An intelligent combination of many years of experience and of latest technology allowed us to bring to the market this revolutionary product that features:

  • 12 Megapixel resolution images;
  • Integrated rain and temperature measurement;
  • Easy installation;
  • Cloud Data Storage;
  • Time series of pictures stored for further analysis;
  • Ongoing quality control of the plants;
  • High-resolution scale bar daily updated with close-up views of flowers, leaves and fruits;
  • Excellent value for money;
  • Personalized web interface.

How does Crop®VIEW work?

CropView® can be used in all areas covered by UMTS (3G) networks. Devices are installed with a theft-proof ground anchor to the relevant places in the farm. The station is equipped with a solar panel and a battery which guarantees all year round application functioning and is independent of any other infrastructure. After installing the unit with a ground anchor and setting the recording interval, CropVIEW® is already fully operational. Several versions of CropVIEW® are available with different levels of output offer. The top level product can even store pest control analysis and define a maximum amount of insect pests. Equipping the tool with a motion detector can cover further application areas of the weather information and growth camera system.

 A special version of the interface for seed and fertilizer companies integrates the logos, product names and categories.

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