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Crush Roller Mill

The mill in the picture is a 608mm (24”) double crush type for fitting to a mixer. Mills are manufactured in various sizes and outlet hopper configurations to suit your requirements.

Sizes range from:

  • 152mm (6”) wide roller x 305mm (12”) roller diam.
  • 304mm (12) wide roller x 305mm (12”) roller diam.
  • 456mm (18”) wide roller x 305mm (12”) roller diam.
  • 608mm (24”) wide roller x 305mm (12”) roller diam.

Rollers have various teeth or groove options. Standard 8 teeth per 25mm. Alternatives:

  • 10 teeth per 25mm – Fine crush
  • 12 teeth per 25mm – Extra Fine crush
  • 6 teeth per 25mm – Course for lupins, beans, peas, maize.

Rollers are spiral cut to stop groove line up so no grain can pass through uncrushed. We also re-groove cast rollers up to 305mm (12”) diameter. Double crush mills are ideal for making pig feed as we use 6 teeth per 25mm rollers as primary rollers in 1st mill and 10 teeth per 25mm in 2nd mill to give a constant crush.

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