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Model CRX - Folding Grain Platforms System



The Cressoni company, over its ten year experience in the manufacture of folding grain platforms has recently developed the CRX model, which is made up of a completely new type of folding system. The CRX platform has been specially developed to obtain the best performance during the harvesting and the transportation.

The new CRX foldable system allows the shifting and folding of the platform without unbalancing of weight. Thanks to its compact structure, there is complete visibility from combine during harvesting and transportation.

The folding is activated directly from the driving cab by way of a control unit which controls the automated movements.

The new CRX platform secures the best mechanical reliability and harvesting results even in the most difficult working conditions.
The foldable CRX platform was engineered for use in self-levelling and semi-levelled combines. Weight distribution during operation and transportation has been specially designed for a perfect levelling of the platform in relation to the combine’s body, thus allowing optimal stability.

  1. Drive is transmitted through a single cardan joint on the right, which allows folding of the platform without having to come down from the combine to remove it.
  2. New solid and compact folding system, which is extremely simple and which does not unbalance the machine.
  3. Close proximity between the screw and combine channel with possibility to change platform inclination.
  4. Large reel in order to achieve the best harvesting of the product in whatever conditions.
  5. Continuous cut on all platform workwidth with double blade in the middle on joint-point.
  6. Big screw with retractile fingers all along its length.
  7. The reel drive has a hydraulic system independent from that of the combine and the operator regulates the reel rpm from the driving seat.
  8. The cutting blade drive is transmitted through oil bath boxes.
  9. The screw has a double transmission and is equipped with an adjustable limiting device.

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