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Model CRX - MultiCut Rotary Mowers



The launch of the new Wessex CRX Series MultiCut professional turf mowers heralds the arrival of a new concept of mowers onto the market.

As a Roller mower

As a Roller Mower, the CRX offers similar characteristics to the well-known Wessex RMX roller mowers, which are renowned for their quality of cut and user-friendliness, but scaled down to include models suited to compact tractors from 20hp.

As a Finishing Mower

As a Finishing Mower, the machine still has the extremely high blade tip speed which is one of the secrets of the superb cut quality. This immediately puts the CRX Finishing Mower into a different league to other 4 wheeled finishing mowers on the market, as the cut quality will be equal to that of the roller mowers, yet you still have the increased maneuverbility in awkward areas thanks to the castoring wheels.

As a Combination Mower

With front castoring wheels and a rear roller, the CRX is ideally suited to front mounting onto a compact tractor. The front castoring wheels reduce the scuffing effect of a front mounted roller mower, whilst the rear roller will leave the prestigious stripped effect on the turf. The side discharge option allows operation in conjunction with a side collection hose.

  • 1.5m, 1.8m & 2.4m widths – suit tractors from 20hp+
  • Wide variety of feature combinations – suited to all applications
  • High blade tip speed – Superb cut quality
  • Overlapping rotors – 100% blade coverage
  • Baffles beneath the deck - even grass distribution
  • Fitted with TornadoVents as standard – superior air-flow in all modes of operation
  • Floating linkage points – follows ground contours accurately
  • Simple height adjustment – ease of operation
  • Front or rear mounted, side or rear discharge – highly versatile

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