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- Higher Yielding Stock


Cryopreservation of milt speeds up the introduction of new, profitable cultivation steps to the farmers with 25%. A breeding program based on cryopreserved milt has the potential to cut one year off the breeding cycle. For Atlantic salmon that means introducing the next cultivation steps every three years compared to the current four without losing genetic variation.

Adds to the bottom line

Every cultivation step reduces aquaculture costs based on the strength of the breeding program. Reducing the time space between these improvements would add an extra 25 per cent selection strength.

Cross class fertilization

Storing ability and capacity are unlimited for all practical reasons. This lets you expand the genetic base by transfer of genetic material between year classes. This also gives the base for cutting one year of the breeding cycle.

Eggs when farmers need them

With cryotechnology you strip milt from top individuals at any time, without complicated timing with the female spawning window, and without use of hormones. Female brood fish are often ready to spawn weeks earlier than the males. Egg delivery during these weeks is often in high demand.

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