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- Natural Plant Conditioner



Natural product on vegetable basis, to increase the defence mechanism of plants. Dosage per 1000 litres of water – Crystal – 2 litres. Use a minimum of 2000 litres and a maximum of 3000 litres of water per hectare


  • Crystal can also be used in LVM equipment and FOG equipment.
  • Avoid spraying in direct sunlight. (Be careful with sensitive crops; burning symptoms might occur)
  • For the best results: use Crystal in combination with Finish.

Effects and advantages:

  • Crystal provides a resistance against pathogen f.a.moulds.
  • Crystal improves the effect in case of high humidity.
  • Crystal has no waiting period and crops can be harvested immediately.

Suitable for all kinds of plants (vegetable- flower- house-garden- and ornamental)
For specific advice, please contact your product advisor.

No particular safety conditions necessary. See for further  instructions,  the material safety data sheet of this product.

Content : 10/20/200/1000 litre concentrate.

The manufacturer and distributor cannot be held responsible for any possible occurrence of damage or non-compliance with the above mentioned instructions.
See our General Conditions filed at the Chamber of Commerce at Leeuwarden-Holland with number: 010-89947

Crystal is produced according to the standards OECD 301B and according
to Council Regulation (EU) 834/2007 and 889/2008. Annex II relating to biological crop production methods

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