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Crystal tractors are designed to successfully compete against tractors in the medium- and high- performance categories. Simple to operate with a powerful engine. A roomy and comfortable cab with minimum noise. Low maintenance and operating costs. These are the attributes that make crystal the perfect teammate for hard work.


High power is guaranteed by the 144 hp and 163 hp six-cylinder engines. All Crystal engines are based on the proven concept of four-stroke compression ignition, with 24 valves and a common rail injection system.

  • proven technology from an established manufacturer of compression ignition engines
  • 6.1-litre displacement provides excellent power and high efficiency
  • low fuel consumption means long-term savings
  • high quality guarantees long service life
  • low noise level makes driving comfortable
  • engine power characteristics typical for six-cylinder engines ensure high torque at low speeds. this means it’s easy to get going – even with heavy implements

The gearbox has been designed with an emphasis on simple operation, a logical gearshift pattern, low losses at high power transmission, and an outstanding service life based on years of testing.
The gearbox has 30 forward and 30 reverse speeds.

  • in-house production and meticulous controls guarantee top quality
  • high-quality and  durable materials for a long service life
  • large variety of solutions offered to meet a broad range of needs
  • maintaining optimum engine speed to ensure effective power
  • four independent pto speeds offered as standard

Two auxiliary cylinders ensure not only uniform tractor load but also a maximum lifting force of 85 kN. A three-part accessory distributor with reverse quick-coupling for waste from the rotary hydraulic engine allows different types of implements to be used. Use of the effective EHR Hitchtronic tillage control system comes as standard.

  • maximum lifting force 85 kn
  • everyday work is simplified through precise management of control functions
  • excellent outer hydraulic circuit oil capacity
  • simple system guarantees trouble-free operation

The spring-mounted cab and quiet engine are two basic features contributing to a comfortable drive in the new Zetor Crystal.

  • simple and intuitive tractor control without complicated settings
  • reduced cab noise and openable roof hatch for perfect comfort
  • good views in all directions and of all implements used

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