Model CS - Two Channels Cultivator


The frame of the Model CS consists of two channels which form the track for a sub-frame controlled by a hydraulic cylinder. All of the cultivating implements attach to the sub-frame so the distance between the implements (row width) is adjustable from the tractor.  This design permits easy adjustment to accommodate changes in field conditions or crop application.

In addition to the adjustment for the angle at which the cultivator moves through the soil, the pitch of the gang may be adjusted to conform to an established ridge as demonstrated in the picture below.  This adjustment is done quickly without tools.Using a cultivator to make a raised bed

The total range of adjustment between the cultivating tools is 6″-60″. For full extension, the inward attachment point of the hydraulic cylinders is exchanged. In this position, clamps and spider gangs may be added to the center of the frame for cultivating two rows. The hydraulic cylinders will also be in the outer position when straddling plastic mulch.

Rolling Spider Cultivators
The rolling spider cultivators are very effective in uprooting weeds and cutting through plant residue.  The spider gangs operate as a pair, consisting of a right and a left gang.  These cultivators move through the soil at an adjustable angle in relationship to the direction of travel.  The soil is moved laterally, a feature which may be used in a cultivating situation where it is beneficial to create a ridge for the crop.  In the case of strawberries, soil can be moved around the plant crown where new roots will emerge.  Where asparagus or raspberries have been planted, the planting trench can be gradually re-filled.

Strawberry Renovation

Following harvest and mowing the plants, the Hillside Cultivator is ideal for strawberry renovation. Disk gangs are mounted in the front position which are used to narrow the row and cut through the straw. A coil tine follows and fractures the soil which has been packed by foot traffic during harvest. The rolling cultivator in the rear rolls soil back toward the strawberry plants. Cultivating speed is 3-4 mph with two passes normal for each row. This machine is more economical and less disruptive of soil structure than a rototiller.

Cultivating Between Plastic Mulch

This cultivator is especially useful for crops raised on plastic mulch.  The lateral soil movement will cover small weeds along the plastic or cover loose plastic edges.  Hydraulic control of the cultivators permits rapid course correction.

  • Strawberries
  • Young Vine Crops
  • Cole Crops
  • Young Raspberries
  • Asparagus
  • Plastic Culture
  • Potatoes

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