Model CSW - Push-Off Cargo Trailers



Push-off trailers offer a number of advantages over dumper tippers and this is why HAWE brings you the strongly built and reliable new push-off trailers for professional application and long life. More can be transported because the internal ram compacts the load. Pushing-off the load instead of tipping means the HAWE CSW can be more easily emptied inside buildings. Additionally, push-off trailers are more stable unloading on side slopes or on silage clamps.


  • Models: HAWE CSW 4000 and CSW 5000
  • Capacities 40 m³ or 50 m³
  • Permitted gross weight: 23 or 33 tonnes
  • Tandem or tridem running gear
  • Further specifications on request

Standard equipment:

Strongly-built integral sheet steel body capable of withstanding high stresses, powered via on-board hydraulics, electrohydraulic controls, fore and rear (with tridem) steering axles, dual-circuit air brakes with ALB.

Your advantages:

  • High safety during unloading
  • Easier unloading - even on side slopes and where headroom is limited
  • No moving parts therefore minimum wear
  • More carrying capacity through ability to compress loads (e.g. wilted silage)

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