Model CT3080 - 3080R - 3 Rows Mounted Fix and Foldable Cultivator



The CT 3080 and 3080R cultivators are basically 2 frames with 3 rows of tines in a 80 x 80 mm section,one is rigid and the other is foldable by 2 double-acting rams. 3 types of tines can be fitted on these 2 frames, with a 230 mm spacing. The double spiral tines CPI square of 25 mm and CHS square of 30 mm have the same characteristic of vibrating longitudinally and laterally to efficiently loosen and break up the soil in ploughed land. The STS tine with one spring, by its flat blade and the vibrations linked to the heterogeneity of the ground, produces
an ideal soil trash incorporation work. To obtain an even finer result with CPI and CHS tines, these frames can also have a 200 mm spacing by
adding 2 supplementary tines.

Manually foldable extensions adapt on the rigid frame, and allow the machine with 15 tines to have a transport width below 3 m, this being a very economical way of doing it.Range going from 11 to 19 tines for the CT 3080 with a working width going from 2.55 m to 4.35 m and
from 17 to 27 tines for the CT 3080R with a working width going from 3.90 m to 6.20 m. The power required extends from 60 to 180 HP.
The STS tines can be equipped with 'Quick Change' points that make their fixing and removal fast and easy operations. These points have a very flat angle, thus creating a minimum soil disturbance and allowing a very good finishing work in a Minimum Tillage course.

A whole range of rollers made of tubes or flat bars, as well as comb harrows adapt at the back of the frame. The rollers are adjusted by mechanical sectors, they improve work by levelling and firming the soil. As for the comb harrow, adjusted by screws with shock absorbers, it levels the contours on surface while participating to the breaking up of the soil.


  • 3 steel beams 80 x 80 x 8 mm section
  • Spacing between rows 760 mm
  • rigid

model CT 3080

  • MANUAL FOLD (see Accessories) On the rigid base CT 3080 11 tines (CPI-CHS) add 2 tines + 2 short extensions or 4 tines + 4 extensions, 2 short and 2 long
  • HYDRAULIC FOLD by 2 double-acting rams

CT 3080R model

  • SAFETY mechanical lock for transport and work
  • CT 3080R 1 double-acting outlet

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