- Ductile-Iron Implement Hitches


An innovative line of hitches for the rugged terrain of the agricultural industry. The CTD Group offers an innovative line of ductile-iron implement hitches, originally designed to provide farmers with a one-trip tractor-implement drawbar coupling that was safer and more efficient than existing systems. Through 20 years of development, CTD designed a hitching system that offers a standardized coupling process for the North American Agricultural industry. *ISO International Standard #21244: Agricultural Equipment - Mechanical connections between towed and towing vehicles - Implement hitch rings and attachment to tractor drawbars.

Today, our implement hitches are being used by manufacturers and parts distributors around the world. The ongoing loyalty and satisfaction of our customers has allowed us to expand our line of implement hitches into four distinct categories to serve every need. Customized solutions are also available to help you get the most out of your production schedule.

With more than 65 years serving the agricultural, construction, mining, oil & gas industries, our products are built to last and backed by a one year warranty. We stand behind our workmanship, maintain rigid standards through all phases of production and believe in going the extra mile for each and every customer, just as we did when the company was founded in 1947.

3 in 1 Implement Hitch

  • Category 1
    • PPI-106M for 65 H.P and under
    • PPI-126VR for 65 H.P and under
  • Category 2
    • PPI-201HR for 65 H.P and under
    • PPI-201VH & PPI-126VR for 65-125 H.P.
  • Category 3
    • PPI-237VR for 65-125 H.P.
    • PPI-301VH for 110-250 H.P.
    • PPI-321CTD3 for 110-250 H.P.
    • PPI-331VH for 110-250 H.P.
  • Category 4
    • PPI-401V3 for 200-470 H.P.
    • PPI-421V3 for 200-470 H.P.

Austempered Hitches

  • Category 1
    • PP12XL for 100 H.P. and under
  • Category 2
    • PP23XL for 250 H.P. and under
  • Category 4
    • PP42XL for 400 H.P. and higher
  • Category 5
    • PP53XL for up to 670 HP
    • PP52XL for up to 670 HP

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