- Model 2013 - Destoner Separator



Following the success of their ‘Rockstar’ destoner separator, CTM have unveiled their new  ‘Ridgestar’ bed former. Ridgestar is built to the same high standards and innovation as Rockstar and is designed to produce a wide, flat topped bed with wide ridge bottoms for the placement of stones and clods while leaving space for tractor wheelings. The bed shape ensures there is the optimum amount of soil available for the following Rockstar prior to planting. The Ridgestar features a robust, universal tool bar for all models with Cat 3 linkage and hydraulic side markers as standard. Ploughs  include depth adjustable stabiliser fins and are available with shear-bolt protection or hydraulic auto reset for non-stop working. Available in 2,3 and 4 body versions, bed widths are adjustable up to 2.03m and 600mm depth.

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