- Model 500 Series - Compact Trailed Cleaner Loaders



Designed to load up to 3 tonnes a minute, CTM 500 Series is the UK’s top selling cleaner loader, popular with growers and contractors. The range offers a comprehensive choice of formats including standard web cleaning, Pre-cleaner, rollers/ stars, pick-off tables etc. CTM 554 has reverse action rollers for even greater tare removal. Based on the highly successful 500 roller cleaning system, the reverse action design offers even greater flexibility to suit soil and crop conditions. In place of the 544’s four spiral rollers, the 554 has two smooth outer rollers working with two spiral inner rollers.

In forward drive the four rollers effectively eject clods, stones and trash while reverse drive offers faster ‘pure cleaning’ for cleaner crops which only require removal of soil and trash. Drive direction is selected at the turn of a handle and throughput is supported by an engine upgrade to Deutz 40hp.

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