Cubic Box Tipper



Innovation in the agriculture and horticulture sector: Often, when tipping and emptying cubic containers, the whole content or a big part of it, is tilted over the processing line, in uncontrolled quantities that cannot be processed. However, when using the box tipper products are tilted on the processing line at a constant, dosed quantity and dirt-free! The system in a glance The cubic box containing the products to be processed can be placed into the tipping unit with the help of a hand forklift or a fork truck. The tipping unit tilts and empties the box over a processing line in a constant and dosed quantity.

Suitable for all sizes cubic boxes
New version! Cubic Box Tipper small 160°
In comparison with the existing cubic box tippers, the new version  has a larger tilt angle of 160° . The difference is clearly visible when tilting products such as broccoli or endive. With a smaller tilt angle, there is a risk that the products will remain in the box. With the cubic box tipper 160°, this problem is history!

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