Culbac Forage EZY



Culbac Forage EZY is a dry, multi-purpose preservative and microbial fermentation additive for hay and fermented forage. When used on baled hay, Culbac Forage EZY inhibits mold growth and allows baling at higher moisture, producing forage that is greener, softer and higher in crude protein and RFV. When used on silage, haylage or balage, Culbac Forage EZY enhances the anaerobic fermentation of ensiled and baled crops by facilitating the growth of lactic acid production, improving the preservation and storage qualities of the forage. This effectively reduces biological degradation and conserves digestible nutrients of the forage, improving its feeding value and nutritive quality.

  • Inhibit mold growth and reduce spoilage
  • Stimulate the growth of lactic acid-producing bacteria
  • Rapidly reduce pH levels
  • Allow baling at a higher level of moisture
  • Shorten the number of days to baling
  • Reduce leaf shatter
  • Shorten the curing time
  • Maximize nutrient content
  • Reduce the risk of heat and weather damage
  • Increase harvest yield
  • Improve palatability
  • Enhance re-growth of the hay

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