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- Model CW - Rotary Rod Weeders



Rotary rod weeders were initially developed to control weeds in summerfallow. Their design is highly effective: square rods rotating in a reverse direction forcing weeds upward to the ground surface.

Ironically, it is not uncommon now to see a rod weeder operating in a completely weedless field. But for another purpose: to set the moisture line in summerfallow.

And that's important. Loose soil will lose moisture to the depth of tillage -- regardless of whether you plow or disc. Consequently, this soil type should not be allowed to extend to the surface, since moisture travels upward through compact soil by capillary action.

That's why knowledgeable farmers utilize reverse rotating rods to compact their soil. This process allows an insulating mulch of loose clods, soil and trash to blanket the surface and help stop evaporation. To set the moisture line, just immediately follow your initial tillage with a rod weeder.

Then, in each succeeding operation, avoid running the rod any shallower until moisture is held at a depth suitable for seeding. Your final rodding pass will make a firm seed bed in moist soil.

Clearly, the rod weeder is an indispensable tool for all soil affected by limited rainfall. Without this field advantage, you would not have sufficient moisture to grow crops successfully.

Is the rod weeder misnamed? Yes, or at least undernamed. It purposefully kills weeds. But it performs beyond initial duty by adding many bushels to your yield. Apply this knowledge with a Calkins Culta-Weeder and you'll achieve the lowest tillage cost per acre, while covering more acres per unit -- in all kinds of soil and trash conditions.


Farming uneven ground? Optional rolling tongue design permits Culta-Weeder to operate independent of the hitch and adapt to multitude of terrains and conditions. On the road, Culta-Weeder transports like all rigid tongue machinery for easy highway travel.


LENGTH: 33 feet; CENTER: 12 feet; WINGS 10-1/2 feet;


LENGTH: 36 feet; CENTER: 12 feet; WINGS: 12 feet; SHANKS: 27

  • FRAME: 4'x4' square steel tubing
  • TONGUE: Rigid 4'x 8' steel tubing
  • ROLLING TONGUE FRONT: 4'x 6' steel tubing
  • ROLLING TONGUE REAR MEMBER: 4'x 8' steel tubing
  • 1' square high carbon heat treated steel; GOOSENECK: high carbon heat treated steel; CLEARANCE: 26' from frame to rod
  • Spring loaded 4'x4' steel tubing
  • Adjustable hydraulic pressure set value; Automatic reset rock trip on weeder units; Adjustable single point hydraulic depth control
  • BOOT DRIVECHAIN: Special hard roller link
  • TIRE SIZE: 12-1/2L x 15; High cleat on drive tires
  • DRIVE BOOT: One each section
  • WHEELS: 6-bolt hubs
  • HUBS, SPINDLES & BEARINGS: Heavy duty; hubs can be greased; spindles are replaceable and bolt-on
  • U-JOINT: 1 -1/4' 20 HP
  • DRIVELINES: 1-1/4' square
  • SHANK: 9/16' x 1-3/4' spring steel
  • SHANK CLEARANCE: 24' frame to point
  • WEIGHT: 266 lbs. per foot rolling tongue with harrow
  • TRANSPORT WIDTH: Adjustable to 14'8'

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