Sulky Burel

- Model HR.14 - Power Harrows



With 4 rotors per metre, compared with harrows equipped with fewer rotors, SULKY obtains a better soil mix and a superior crumbling effect even at the same rotor rpm. SULKY harrows make better use of the PTO power, which can be seen by reduced fuel consumption or, with minimum tillage techniques, by better forward speeds.

  • Cat. II linkage with floating lower links
  • 6 mm thick trough doubled at the base
  • Bondioli PTO shaft with automatic ratchet clutch
  • Gearbox with set-back centred input shaft
  • Rear output shaft
  • 300 x 15 mm bolt-on tines without nuts

  • non-stop track eradicators
  • front levelling board
  • rear levelling board
  • stone guard
  • mechanical drill linkage
  • hydraulic drill linkage with 2 SA rams
  • displacement limiter for drill hitching
  • extra set of gears
  • extra '7 tube kit' for cage roller
  • side markers on power harrow
  • carbide coated tines

Efficient power harrows that are not over demanding on power
A full range of accessories
Other than the top of the range basic features : rear PTO output shaft, floating lower links, heavy duty adjustable side deflectors (8 mm wearing plate), SULKY CULTILINE power harrows can be fitted with a high quality accessories :
Levelling board for front or rear (front mounting to level uneven ploughing or rear mounting for improved crumbling by pushing bigger clods back towards the rotors)
Stone guard kept for extremely stony conditions to protect the rotors
Track eradicators spring tine or non-stop type, both height and spacing adjustable, they can be adapted to all types of tyres
Side markers with hydraulic vertical folding and double security. Factory fitted on the harrow trough, they replace the drill markers and reduce the complete unit's overhang.
Hydraulic hitch with a 2 ton lifting capacity through 2 SA hydraulic rams. It's the solution for combination drilling with Solo type drills.

A choice of rollers
The Cage roller with a Ø 500 mm from SULKY, is economical and adapted to well 'drained' land. Advised on fragile soils, it leaves small clods on the surface limiting soil capping problems. An extra '7 tube kit' is also available for those looking for increased levelling.    
The Packer roller with a Ø 550 mm from SULKY is particularly versatile. Fitted with long spikes and both centralised and individually adjusted scrapers, it works with blocking even in damp conditions. Furthermore, it is particularly strong and has been designed, with Ø 60 mm reinforced bearings, for combination units with integrated drills.
A Ø 460 mm Packer is also available (Ø 40 mm bearing). Available on 2.5 and 3 m, it is used to form lighter drill combinations.

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