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Cultivation System


The basic idea is to grow vegetables in pots. The pots are then put into trays, which are transported around the growing helix where the cultivation takes place. The trays are equipped with a light sealed nutrient solution reservoir, and the pots are irrigated about three times per day using an ebb-and-flow technique. A capillary mat at the bottom of each tray protects the individual plants from drought. Excess nutrient solution is collected and reused after disinfestation. The different system designs basically all have the same production flow and location of equipment.

The machinery is located in the basement on one or two floors and the trays are transported to the top of the helix by a special tray elevator. The crops grow during the slow transport down the helix and are ready for harvesting when they reach the end of the helix at the basement level. Food is harvested in batches using an automatic harvesting machine. After harvest, the trays and pots are disinfected, and the pots are separated and replanted with another seed for the next round in the cultivation loop. After germination, the pots are recombined with the trays and elevated to the top of the growing helix to repeat the process.

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