Machinefabriek Steketee BV

Cultivation Tine Weeder



The Steketee weeder beams are fitted with one or more steering discs or with two furrow wheels, who keep the beam and the elements attached to it straight behind the tractor at all times. The elements are fully equipped, meaning with infinitely adjustable travelling wheel and cultivation tines with small weeder blades. To sufficiently protect the crop, one has an option between serrated protective discs or protective shields. The width adjustment of the protective discs or shields is continuous and they can be adjusted forwards and backwards as well. One can work with various numbers of cultivating tines (up to 5 per row), depending on row interval. All elements are fitted with an extra holder in which a ridger blade can be fitted. There is also an option to mount a small harrow weeder rack to the element. The Steketee Finger weeders can of course be mounted to the cultivating tine element as well. This can be done by a simple finger weeder connection.

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