Harriston Mayo

Cup Planters


Harriston Quality, Reliability and Accuracy in a New Cup Planter! Rigid Row Unit: Prevents seed from falling off cup due to opening shoe movement. Floating Shoe: Provides consistent seed depth, adjustable for different field conditions. Short Seed Drop: Assures the best seed spacing accuracy possible in a cup planter! Positive Bowl Feed System: Switch activated, maintains even seed bowl height, unlike gravity systems. Allows more uniform feeding of cups. Fewer skips and doubles!

Available Options:

  • Semi-mount or pole hitches
  • Raven Hydraulic or ground drive
  • Various sizes of seed tanks with extensions
  • Rear walking beams
  • Straight and bi-fold markers
  • Several shoe designs
  • Remote shaker control
  • Depth wheel scrapers
  • Hill packers
  • Front and rear platforms
  • Raven or Dickey John seed monitors
  • Insecticide applicators
  • Planter transport trailers
  • Gandy fertilizer applicators
  • Stainless fertilizer tanks
  • Fertilizer tank cross augers
  • Fertilizer disc openers
  • Rear, between the row ripper shanks
  • Stabilizer discs or wheels
  • * 11.25 x 24 ribbed implement or
  • * 14.9 x 24 diamond tread tires

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