Currant Harvester



The harvester is for gooseberry, black and red current. The recommended speed is about 0,6-1,5 km/h and depends mainly on the yields size. Harvest efficiency is about 0,1-0,2 ha/h and it highly depends on the way that fruits are being unloaded.The harvester takes during one pass harvests fruit from one side in a row. It should be driven by an agricultural tractor with min. power of 20 kW. Also its functionality and reliability has increased. The most important thing for us was to improve the quality of the set gooseberry and new varieties of low fruitful currants. We also have consider the remarks of similar machines users. We do our best to make our harvesters be high quality, simple in use and easy to service.

The drive of the harvester is fully hydraulic. The construction of the harvester permits installation of one or two shakers and the client decides how many strewers is installed. It is important that the majority of our customers chooses the version with two shakers. It is possible to use one shaker version to collect many varietes of blackcurrants. But, it is much better to use two shakers version to collect red currants, gooseberries. In that case, fruits are collected more exactly and the bushes are damaged less. Theharvest,which depends on themanner andorganization offruitdischargeis,in principle0.1 - 0.2ha/ h.

The basicversion 3 isequipped with athree-stageregulation of clearance.Inconnection therewith, it is possible to regulatethe distribution ofelementsis very lowandany reducing Abschüttelungselemente(sun) from. It can be picked fruitsasvery lowand high bushes. You do not need anyadditionalelements such asrailsor adapters.

The highconveyorallowseasy removalof the boxes.Theharvestercan also be equippedwithlarge boxes.

Hisdrive, you shouldusea tractorof at least 20kW of powerand slowspeed as possible.The recommended harvestrate isfrom 0.6 to 1.5km / h,depends primarilyon the amount offruitto be harvested.


Aplantingthat isgeschüttlet with the Harvesters hould be level (maximum 5% slope), stone-free,without furrowsand depressions. At therow endsshouldbeat least8 feetsquareto turntheHarvester.(4-6min the case ofsteered wheels).The distance between rows should be at least 4 meters between the shrubs in the series-is 5 meters max. 0.

The shrubs should have a 'V'shape,one should avoid crossing or crossing branches.

  • Transport length: 4,80m
  • Working length: 5,80m
  • Width: 2,25m
  • Height: 1,96m
  • Weight: 1500 kg
  • Performance: 0,1 - 0,2 ha/h

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