Curtain and Shade Systems


We supply and install vertical and horizontal curtain systems for a wide variety of greenhouse ranges. We supply push-pull systems, cable drive systems, and roll up systems. Curtain systems provide shade protection for plants in the summer and prevent heat loss during the colder season. Curtain systems can also provide some degree of cooling during the warmer summer months. In some cases, flower growers use the black out curtain system to keep the entire greenhouse in the dark for specified growing periods. Energy savings curtains help offset the rising costs of heating a greenhouse. A few examples of what purpose each type of screen is used for: Svensson XLS10 Revolux: shading & energy saving in vegetable crops. Svensson Harmony F Revolux: shading & cooling for crops. Svensson SL 99 Revolux: Light containment & energy savings for crops under lights. Svensson XLS Obscura Firebreak/Revolux: Blackout for crops.

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