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- Model 950 CII - Maize Harvester



CUSTOM 950 Series Forage Harvesters are ideal machines for harvesting fodder crops such as Maize, Sugar Cane, Sorghum, Sunflower. This machine operates on Systematic Single Row Plantations. It cuts plant 3inches above the ground and in small cut length ranging from 2 mm to 22 mm size.PAT 1000 model is additional attachment to CUSTOM 950 model. This equipment is 1 meter wide and is supported by wheels. It cuts fodder crops including napier grass, napier, tanzania,millet,oats,Sorghum, Soyabeans. It cuts the grass from above the ground and into very small sizes. This process ensures to preserve the contents of the crop.

  • Item Code: Customa-950CII
  • Custom 950 c ii model forage harvester is ideal machine for large farms to harvest fodder crops for the cattle farm.
  • This machine is useful for systematic single row operation mainly for fodder crops including maize, sunflower, sorghum, millet, sugarcane. . .
  • It cuts the crop from the ground and reduces in sizes of 2mm to 22 mm length.
  • Superior quality cutter blades are fitted to ensure longer duration operations.

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