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We here at Felco know when backfilling an open trench, speed has consistently been problematic for utility contractors. We have designed the solution: our custom backfill conveyors. For optimum speed and efficiency, the excavator operator places material in the hopper, sending it the length of the conveyor. The material is returned to the trench (past the trench box) by means of a reversible cross conveyor and is immediately accessible for compaction.

Utilizing our custom backfill conveyor to immediately return spoil to the trench increases the efficiency and profitability of your project in a number of ways:

  • Removes costly truck requirements from the trenching operation.
  • Eliminates spoil stockpiling to maximize digging time.
  • Helps prevent cleanup costs and potential damage to private property
  • Keeps loader away from the trench.
  • Delivers more than 15 cubic yards of backfill material per minute.
  • Our backfill conveyors are custom built. You determine the specifications including:
  • Dimensions
  • Cross conveyor or chute
  • Electric or engine powered
  • Hopper size/grate option/steering option
  • Custom swivel conveyor option. 

The swivel conveyor is attached directly below the main end of the main conveyor. The swivel can be rotated to allow the operator to place the spoils exactly where they are needed.

Our custom backfill conveyors are the solution for backfilling with speed and efficiency. Custom built for your specific needs and designed with increased productivity and durability in mind, you can be assured that purchasing a Felco custom backfill conveyor will save you time and money.

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