Custom Blended Soilless Mix



Create your own soilless mix using any combination of horticultural perlite, horticultural vermiculite, peat moss, pulverized limestone, nutrients, trace elements and a wetting agent. You design it. We’ll supply it.

As a professional, whether you own a nursery, landscape business, or both, we can custom blend a soilless mix containing any combination of the following growing media:

  • Coarse Perlite or Medium Perlite Granules – provides better aeration and drainage
  • Coarse Vermiculite Granules – provides water and nutrients retention
  • Peat Moss – provides water retention and drainage
  • Pulverized Limestone – increases the fertility level
  • Nutrients – provides food for growing plants
  • Wetting Agents - improve water absorbing ability
  • Trace Elements - stimulates the plant production of hormones and root growth

Our state-of-the-art mixing equipment and trained employees can blend the ingredients to your specification, on a consistent basis to provide the soilless mix that enhances your growing plants. You design it, we’ll supply it.

Available Sizes:

  • Packaged in various sizes or in bulk, depending on your requirements

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