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Just as for livestock feeding, even in the biogas the standard solution doesn't always guarantee the best performances. All our energy products have been researched, designed and produced to provide the IDEAL amount of energy and calories so that to preserve the biological activity inside the digester.

In addition to our classic products, we have recently implemented the possibility to have a product specifically designed for you plant.These custom formulations originate from an accurate technical service based on a study of the company and the needs of the plant.

The CUSTOM made product is designed for medium to long term supply agreements, ensuring production stability to the plant and greater peace of mind for the costumer.

In addition, this type of product has been designed to be supported by a BIOLOGICAL ASSISTANCE that allows a constant monitoring of the process ensuring an immediate, energy-giving and curative answer.

Our team is able to offer ‘custom-made’ formulas OPTIMISING the company ASSETS in order to respond to the needs of the digester and the demands of the operators.

The creation of this line of products, better identified in the BIOACT selection in collaboration with our technical staff, is divided into four stages:

  • Visit to the company in order to know the plant and all the available raw materials.
  • Chemical-cognitive analysis called ‘tag’ of the available products.
  • Biological characterisation of the plant, identifying any possible deficiencies or critical issues.
  • Creation of the customised product: energy-giving mixed with supplements and production stabilisers.

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