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Customized Machines


The ideas, wishes and thoughts of our clients inspire us to continuously improve and develop our product palette. As soon as our clients wishes go beyond what our serial machines have to offer, we start to design a custom made machine- a machine that is specifically designed and constructed for special areas of use or defined work processes.

Example: Tilting crane system The idea behind the tilting cranes system was a clients special wish: he wanted to be able to do both logging and loading jobs with his crane. The Pfanzelt tilting crane can be folded by simply pushing a button- that way the client gets a full crane for logging as well as for loading work processes. The weight distribution on the axles is improved, so that you can save on access ballast and reduce the total weight.

Example: Energy wood harvesting

Also the concept of the Chip Trailer was designed by collaborating closely with a client. The client wanted a machine concept with which he was able to immediately chip the harvested energy wood on site while driving through the forest, looking for young wood.

The solution: A high-discharge-skip-container, mounted on a logging trailer which can be connected to the Pm Trac. A power take-off chipper is mounted to the front of the Pm Trac, and the chips are blown above the tractor directly into the high-discharge-skip-container. That way, the container can be loaded directly on site- the user saves an entire work step, because he does not have to log the energy wood first.

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