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We develop innovative, ecologically-friendly technologies that maximize the expression of each organism’s natural genetic potential. Our proprietary multi-stage processes use cutting-edge technologies to design specialized solutions that address important growth stages of each crop. By supporting the formation of natural metabolites in cells, our products help improve growth, resilience, and quality – scientifically and sustainably.

The increasing world population has made feeding humanity a global challenge. At Cytozyme, we take a multi-disciplinary approach by utilizing new discoveries in agronomy, plant physiology, molecular biology, and biochemistry with the practical knowledge of growers around the world. Together, we are finding solutions to address growers’ specific challenges.

Our research focuses on the activation of a plant’s metabolic pathways, crop responses to stress, control of reactive oxygen species, gene upregulation, and enhancement of nutrient uptake. Through this core research, we develop novel crop solutions to support healthy and abundant food production worldwide.

The Scientific Edge for Progressive Farming

Our advanced, proprietary technology facilitates plant performance through support of photosynthesis, select metabolic pathways, nutrient absorption, and managing of destructive free radicals generated during stress conditions.

Through expression of the plant’s own natural genetic potential, Cytozyme technology aids crops, particularly during critical stages of plant development, leading to better growth, higher yields, and increased crop quality.

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