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Model CVS - Colour Vision Systems

The CVS Integra combines the packer's need for gentle fruit handling with the exacting demands of accurate vision analysis and precise weighing. Integra has been developed for blemish, colour, weight, size, shape, volume and density grading, for a range of regular shaped produce. A Windows user interface allows for accurate blemish, colour and size definitions to be created with ease and printed out if required.

Gentle handling starts at the pre-singulator where V belts running at different speeds diverge to deliver fruit gently onto incline rollers for final singulation.  After vision inspection, roller rotation is ceased, allowing the static fruit to be lowered into smooth, protrusion-free cups. Fruit is gently released at the pre-determined outlet and smoothly transfers onto the cross belt, so that there is no direct impact of fruit immediately after side tipping. The side tipping cup design reduces the height between the cup and cross belts and thus potential for fruit damage.



Excellent singulation and high cup fill rates are achieved using and extra long V belt pre-singulator and inclined roller singulator section. Integra's refined singulation system gently avoids doubles and damaging fruit recycling. Fruit rotation speed is controlled by the vision system to optimise image utilisation for variable fruit size.

Accurate Weighing

Weight grading remains accurate, as empty cups are individually tared, and every piece of fruit is weighed with accuracy better than one-gram standard deviation.  The load cell cards are fully digital and no manual adjustments are necessary. 

Durability and Easy Maintenance

Integra is designed and built to withstand the rigours of the fruit industry. All plastic and mechanical parts are made from materials resistant to water and chemical attack. Only periodic maintenance is required beyond normal levels of cleanliness and hygiene recommended for the fruit packing industry.

Special Advantages

  • Successfully handles fruit of a large size variation
  • Crash proof solenoids for minimal maintenance
  • Multiple grades for blemish, colour, size, weight, shape and density - up to 16 different grades for each
  • Grower accounting programs and data for spreadsheet analysis

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