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Cylinder Monitoring


The cylinder retail market requires a fine grain monitoring of the bottle consumption and specially the correct time and quantity on each replacement. The challenge in place is to detect properly the right time and amount of bottles that a location needs to improve the levels of service as well the logistic chain.

iGasCylinder is a product designed to monitor the status of bottle banks and optimize its replacement cycle.

The product consists of a specific version of c.Log that monitors the changeover and a reference pressure level. Once the reference pressure level is reached and the changeover occurs an alarm is triggered. This alarm is sent to a web platform where all the notifications can be registered and managed, as well all the bottle location and number.

There is also the possibility to configure the alarm reception into a standard mobile phone number.

Cylinder Monitoring is achieved through the monitoring of the pressure change between cylinder banks. Once this changed is detected by our loggers, an alarm is activated, informing that this cylinder bank is ready for replacement. This allows you to effectively manage your stock by knowing when a replacement is required and where is the exact location of it. Deliveries have become simpler thus allowing you to save on your logistic operation.

A unique switch configuration that avoids false alarms – the alarm is only triggered when you really need to change the bottles in-site.


  • Efficient Delivery
  • Zero run-outs
  • Convert 'will call' customers
  • Increase the drop size
  • Reduce the number of deliveries
  • Optimize truck fleet
  • Proficient maintenance
  • Improved asset management
  • Increase market share
  • Dedicated Installation Android App
  • Safer refills supported by display units
  • Monitor tank safety parameters - cathodic protection

How it works

  • One pressure switch is installed to monitor the changeover between cylinders in use and in stock.
  • Our logger will continuously monitor the system and when a changeover is detected an alarm is issued.
  • Receive alarm notifications via a dedicated web app and/or via an SMS sent to your phone.
  • The web app will provide accurate location and quantity of bottles required so that you can effectively manage your deliveries.

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