- Caps for Adulticidal Insecticides



Formulation Type : Microencapsulated water concentrate. Composition % : Cypermethrin 10% Piperonyl Butoxide 10%. Usage Rates : Flying: 0.5% Flies and crawling: 1%.

CYPESECT CAPS is formulated as a microencapsulated concentrate fCS). Microencapsulated insecticides are liquids that contain tiny capsules made of porous polymers enclosing the active ingredient (and, if present, the synergist). Once water has evaporated or once the product gets in touch with an insect, the capsule breaks and releases the active ingredient. If a microencapsulate has been produced with state-of-the-art technology, almost 100% of the active ingredient is enclosed in the capsule with resulting lower toxicity of the product and higher biological efficacy, which are the distinguishing features of a true microencapsulated insecticide- If capsules are not properly produced, they may not break and thus release the active ingredient, with resulting inefficacy of the product.

Areas of Application
CYPESECT CAPS, thanks to its efficacy, persistence and lack of odour is recommended for use:

  • Inside buildings: Against pests such as cockroaches, ants etc. with medium to long application intervals; To tackle sudden infestations of fleas, bedbugs, ants etc.
  • Outdoors: To reduce pests (such as mosquitoes, ehirnnnmid midges, simnlidae /) swarming close to residential areas, tourist resorts, seaside villages. CYPESECT CAPS is approved for treatments in areas with vegetation (tree-lined streets, parks, gardens, turfs, ornamental hedges). Microencapsulation protects cypermethrin from environmental degradation factors such as UV light and high temperature.

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