Model CZWI - Water Meter For Irrigation


Equipments specially designed for irrigation and waste water metering containing impurities ( medium size stones, branches, etc.). Usually working under high flow volume regimes, long periods of empty pipes, high pressure variation in the network and meters installed at difficult access installations. It includes a system of plastic (polystyrol) tangential propeller, which supported on some sapphire bushings and mounted on a stainless steel shaft is located on the upper part of the tube guarantying free passage of water. It prevents from any obstruction due to impurities, making the installation of filters unnecessary and minimizing maintenance. Not adding any pressure loss to the network, CZWI water meters are able to work under minimum pressure conditions up to high pressures of 16 bar.

The propeller rotation draws a small disc which, by means of a simple magnetic system, takes the movement to the dry part of the meter. There thanks to the optic sensors with outlet phototransistors, it translates the movement into digital data that he microprocessor manages, stores and translates into water consumption and other statistical data of great value.

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