D-2000 Deuterium Light Sources (200-400 nm)


The D-2000 Deuterium Light Source produces a powerful, stable output from 215-400 nm. In addition, deep-UV versions of the light source are available, providing a wavelength range of 190-400 nm. This powerful and stable lamp provides peak-to-peak stability of less than 0.005% and drift of only +/-0.5% per hour.

  • UV Coverage. Covers spectral range of 215-400 nm and has deep-UV option for 190-400 nm
  • Shutter Option. Operate an accessory shutter automatically via software
  • Great Performance. Provides an extremely stable source, with peak-to-peak stability of <0.005%

The D-2000 is available for Call for Price. Additional D-2000 models are also available.

Options and Accessories

Integrated shutters are also available with the D-2000 and can be driven by a TTL signal. All versions of the D-2000 have an SMA 905 Connector for easy coupling to our spectrometers and fiber optic accessories, a safety shutter for blocking the light when the fiber is not attached, and safety goggles. The 1,000-hour deuterium bulb used in the D-2000 can be replaced easily.

Shutter Option

You can opt to purchase a D-2000 with an electronic shutter that can be driven via a TTL signal. A toggle switch on the front of the lamp and a port on the back of the lamp allow for manual or electronic shutter control.

Optical Fibers

We recommend using our solarization-resistant optical fibers with all versions of the D-2000. Click here for details.

D-2000 Spectral Output

D-2000 Deuterium Light Source Specifications

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