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Model D-300 and D-600 - Poultry Straw Chopper



The chopping system of the D model consists of a turbine with blades surrounded by a grid that acts as a sieve. Inside it is a hammer system that  guarantees  more uniform and better chopping. This model is designed for use in poultry farms and is only recommended for dry straw. Optionally,  a roller with blades can be fitted for additional chopping (Model DM). Our straw choppers are designed in a compact and robust fashion to ensure durability. All models are equipped with a rectangular box with a chain and crossbar system at the bottom which brings the bale towards the chopping system at an adjustable speed. All models have two speeds that determine the extent of the discharge.

  • Maximum use of the chopped product.
  • Greatly reduced exploitation costs
  • Quickly and reliable discharge.
  • Homogenous Distribution.
  • Economic.
  • Gearbox 2 Speed.
  • Heavy-duty chain with Dismountable crossbars.
  • Mobile bottom using a hydraulic motor with a forward movement controller.
  • Access flap for cleaning the double floor.
  • Hydraulic door.
  • Manual footstand (hydraulic option).
  • Wire controls (electrical option).
  • Fixed axis (optional mod. 300).
  • Wheels (optional mod. 300).
  • Side chute  (swivel or dual discharge option).
  • Turbine will blades and  bolted blades,  grid with holes and inner hammer  turbine for a more efficient chop.

  • Hydraulic footstand
  • Fixed wheels,  hitch and manual footstand
  • Electrical controls and manual adjustment of moving  floor
  • Belt extension without door or sides
  • Swivel chute
  • Side chute and swivel chute
  • Electric speed control of moveable floor
  • Taillights
  • Roller chopper

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