- Model D - Double Suction Pumps



Horizontal-shaft, split-cased double-suction, singlestage pumps with volute casing for industrial and potable water supply systems, pumping plants, agricultural irrigation stations and fire-fighting systems. Horizontal- or vertical-shaft, single-stage doublesuction pump with volute casing splitted in the axial plain.

Structural details

Both the suction and the discharge branches are horizontal. The branches, the bearing brackets and the socket of the pump are in the bottom part of the casing. The shaft may be horizontal or vertical.  The casing may be cast in the standard models or fabricated by welding at larger models.

Handled medium

Clean cold water or hot water up to a temperature of 80 °C, or slightly contaminated industrial water containing no larger solids. Other, non-agressive fluids with a viscosity not too far from that of the water can also be handled.

Field of application

Primarily industrial and potable water supply systems,

cooling water circulation of power plants,

irrigation plants and fire-fighting systems


Stuffing box with soft cord packing or – in function of the handled fluid and of the suction side pressure – mechanical seal.

Shaft bearings

Grease lubricated roller bearings in horizontal shaft pumps. In the pumps with vertical shaft arrangement the lower bearing can be water lubricated sliding bearing. The pumps with larger dimensions and/or with higher power consumption can be equipped with oil lubrication instead of greasing.  The bearing casings can get water-cooling.

Main structural materials

Impeller: bronze or stainless steel

Pump casing: cast iron or welded carbon steel

Shaft: carbon steel or stainless steel

Shaft protecting sleeves: stainless steel

Performance field

The diagram of performances consists of two fileds:

The inside area is the field of standard machines, the outside area belongs to tailor made non-serial pumps. Tailor made solutions can be applied to the machines within the „standard field” too.

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