- Model D303 - D503 - Duo-Grain Crusher



The main components of the Duo-Grain crushers are a modular system combined precision squeezer in four-roll technology.

Duo grain crusher are especially durable and suitable for long-term treatment of grain, corn, maize, peas and beans (or mixed with cereals).

The crushing-roll set is equipped for the rough milling of hardened machined crushing goods with two deep rollers. In combination with the underlying precision squeezer high throughput performance and long service life.

The nip at both squeezers independently of one another. Again, the turning of both crushing units and thus a significant extension of the roll life possible.

All models are equipped with inlet hopper, frame, magnetic strip, engine fitted ready to plug with star delta starter, overload protection, ammeter and belt drive.

Capacity (mixed cereals) 1.000 - 3.500 kg / h

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