TMC Cancela

Model D5R - Rotary Brush Cutters



Folded steel sheet with rounded back and with welded reinforcements on the bottom face. Three point linkage made of steel sheet with tensión tube bars. Rear and front chain curtains for protection. Coupling to tractor Cat. II. Adjustable in height rounded skids with Widest system. Rear bended pins for guiding the brush into the working width during reverse works.

Three point linkage made of steel sheet with hydraulic cylinder and nylon bushings for displacement.
Hydraulic hoses with external cover against scratches and protective connections for the fi ttings during storage.

  • Rotor with 2 cutting height levels.
  • Replaceable connecting links for hooking the chains to the rotor.
  • PTO shaft with clutch.
  • PTO to 1000 rpm (1”3/4 Z6).
  • 4 chains.


  • Special frame for narrow & crawler tractors
  • 540 rpm gearbox
  • 1000 rpm gearbox

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