- Model PS1 - Automatic Poultry Weighing Scale



Our scales are designed for automatic weighing of live poultry. The PS1 automatic poultry scale comes in a 50kg and a 100kg version, making the system equally suitable for chicken broilers and turkeys.

The PS1 hangs freely, suspended from the ceiling. Hence all electronic components are well protected, away from dirt and moisture. The unit is connected to the power supply and communication line by means of a quick connector, making it easy to disconnect and remove the scale box during cleanout. With over one year of data memory, the PS1 will take into account any body weight from D1 to the slaughtering. It will automatically calculate all statistical data (average bodyweight, standard deviation, CV, uniformity, daily gain, number of birds weighed by day) with up to 1800 samples recorded every day. Histograms can be read directly on the display.

The scale can be installed in any building and just has to be plugged on the mains and the optional communication cable. The data transmission system will send you the data by GSM modem directly on your mobile phone, via wired connection to the ACS production computer, via Modbus to a PC, or you can collect data simply by using the memory chip system directly on the scale. The memory chip system allows for advanced editing of collected data, as well as copying the scale’s setup from one unit to another.

  • Graphical display shows all weighing results.
  • Help on the display can be chosen in several languages.
  • Weight display can be selected in kilograms and pounds.
  • Automatic gender recognition.
  • Transfer of data into a computer using a memory module.
  • Sending statistics using SMS messages (automatically at midnight and at any time upon request - only GSM model).
  • Sharing the setup between more scales.
  • Easy bird weigher setup from a computer.

PS1 lite

  • Stand alone model.
  • All weighing features as in full version.
  • No memory stick interface.
  • Powered via power adaptor.


  • Weighing results will be send automatically to mobile units or computers as a SMS.
  • Can be battery powered.

PS1 FlexAirBus

  • Communication with ACS6.
  • Powered via RS485 cable connection form ACS6.

PS1 ModBus

  • Communication with PC or other computer system via Modbus.
  • Power via Modbus.

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