- Model ACS2 - Advanced Climate Control System



Advanced climate control features in the ACS2 optimize the climate control process in the building. The software in the ACS2 determines the “dehumidification potential” and automatically stops the dehumidification process if useless.

30% cut in heat consumption
The dehumidification potential is calculated on basis of measurements of temperature and humidity on both the outdoor and the indoor air. Through this the ACS2 controller prevents unnecessary usage of heat in the dehumidification process and eliminates the risk of excessive ventilation. The result is a 30% cut in heat consumption and an overall improvement of the in-house climate.

Stable climate
The ACS2 does not only cut the heat consumption by 30%, it also has significant effect on the in-house climate. A stable in-house climate is essential in any building for livestock and will benefit production results in a positive way. In full control the in-house dehumidification process problems caused by excess heating/ventilation is no longer an issue. The ACS2 will help you stay focused in your effort to improve your production figures.

Stay on top of your production
The flexibility and power of the ACS2 makes it suitable for controlling any type of ventilation, heating or system for cooling for livestock facilities. The ACS2 climate controller can be updated with new software that will help you stay on top of your production. This update of software can be done via Internet, so you will always be able to update your ACS2 controller with the latest climate control features. With up to 16 different languages accessible simultaneously, the ACS2 can be served by almost anyone in preferred language.

The ACS2 keeps track of all parameters and users for an indefinite period of time. The ACS2 screen menu can be defined specifically to the needs of each person allowed access, so unskilled persons will never be able to enter menu where critical parameters can be adjusted. This is an important feature for large scale operations, since each user only has access to parameters concerning their function.

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