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Dairy Buildings



This is the perfect dairy barn. The ClearSpan Dairy Building provides the utmost functionality and convenience, while also providing cattle with a comfortable environment that they can thrive in all year.

  • Available in pack barn, free stall and calf buildings
  • These buildings are what every dairy producer needs. They are outfitted with the industry’s most popular accessories, so each Dairy Building can promote a more profitable dairy building.
  • Ventilation is simple. The structure’s sidewalls feature motorized, thermostatically controlled curtains that provide a weather-tight seal when closed. Wire mesh is included to promote a long curtain life and to provide some pest control.
  • The end walls feature manual and motorized roll-up doors.
  • The inside is free of support posts, so owners can create the layout and facility that is ideal for their operation.
  • The building’s design makes it easy to clean and maintain.
  • Dairy Buildings provide the highest structural integrity and durability to the dairy industry.

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