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Dakota Gold is POET’s branded distillers dried grains with solubles (DDGS). It is a high-protein animal feed that is in demand across the globe. Our team of nutritionists helps us reap maximum nutrition from each corn kernel, enabling us to create a product with properties ideal for use in multiple applications for a variety of livestock feed needs.

  • Have better nutritional content. Our patented BPX process produces ethanol without cooking the corn, and the resulting reduction in heat damage improves the nutritional content of our DDGS.
  • Can be certified antibiotic free. Our ethanol production process allows us to offer an antibiotic-free product, which is demanded by certain customers around the world.
  • Meet stringent consistency requirements. Every batch of Dakota Gold meets the same stringent nutritional requirements and has strong brand-name recognition with our customers.

For product to be given the Dakota Gold label it needs to meet our high quality standards. And, because of our tremendous volume, we have access to rail, truck and ship to make the delivery of Dakota Gold simple and predictable.

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