Dal Degan

- Mounted Atomizer with Adjustable Tube



The trailed atomizer with tube permits fast treatments on wide surfaces reaching an excellent pesticide result, less products used and high performances. Suitable for : extensive farming on open fields; high trunk crops ; vineyards on the hills and on the mountains;  greenhouses treatments.

Steel galvanized frame. Polyethylene tank with graduating scale. Hand washing tank; washing machine tank. Remote control distributor with pressure closing system lever. Ejector for tank loading; hydraulic agitator. Multiplier with flexible coupling rotating shaft. Three diaphragms pump DL4130. Single sucking rotor diameter 450 mm. Stainless steel jet-holders; brass leakage-proof  jets. Hydraulic engine for the tube head  rotation (360°). Hydraulic cylinder for the vertical displacement of the tube head (90°). Manual displacement of  the fan casing rotation. Directing wing for air outlet from the tube. Hydraulic connecting tubes with fast clutch to the tractor

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