Dal Degan

- Trailed Atomizer



Trailed atomizer with sturdy galvanized steel frame, polyethylene main tank, hand washing  and machine washing tanks. Easy to regulate directional shaft with self support wheel, adjustable and demountable. Adjustable wheels axel in four positions + width. Galvanized fan unit with eight blades and is equipped with oil-cooled geared multiplier and, in the two speeds version, has the synchronized gears. Mass-production fan protection rear bumper. Stainless steel spray bars and brass spray nozzles with two heads. Hydraulic ejector 3 way switch valve to insert the machine washing tank. Remote control and pressure regulator on the tractor. Streamlined mixer system to perform a uniform liquid distribution

  • Air flow distributor
  • Accidental external bodies suction protection
  • Powder pre-mixer
  • Rear lights kit
  • Road homologation

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