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Dale Drills offers seed drill conversions to incorporate either the a selection of either the Zero Till seed knife coulters or the Eco-Drill's. Both knife coulters are only 1/2' (12mm) thick, which compared to that of many of their counterparts, is very narrow. The reduced width of the knife reduces the power requirement of the whole drill significantly, whilst the tine still creates sufficient tilth around the seed for excellent establishment.

The knife coulter is attached to a range of different width spring tines. The wider the spring tine the greater the force exerted for penetration. 40mm wide spring tines produce sufficient force for min or low till scenarios. 80mm spring tines produce sufficient force for some direct drilling scenarios, however trash must be well managed.

A number of different types of drills can be converted. Power requirements can be significantly reduced depending on the drill type.

We are happy to supply the necessary parts and instructions for customers to carry out conversions themselves.

Reduce power requirement and maximise output

Dale Conversion's key benefits are:

  • Reduced Power Requirements
  • Economical - A smaller tractor using less fuel can pull the same width of drill.
  • Increased Output
  • Matches Customers Needs - Choice of row spacing and spring tine used.
  • Versatile - can be used in direct and conventional seed beds
  • Long lasting - Tungsten carbide tipped boron steel tines

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