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The new Eco-T range from Dale Drills encompasses all of the same features of the larger Eco Drill, packaged in such a way that it suits smaller applications. Users will find the same low weight per metre ratio as the larger drill, which in turn leads to minimal rates of compaction and a suggested horsepower requirement as low as 20 hp/m. Detailed CAD modelling and an intensive stress analysis have produced a robust machine, requiring minimal maintenance, thus providing maximum output.

The Future of Efficient Crop EstablishmentBenefits of the Eco-T range

  • Environmental - narrow tines create less disturbance of the soil hence protecting the natural structure and biomass of the soil.
  • Efficiency - single pass establishment and a suggested output requirement of 20 hp/m increase margins drastically.
  • Accuracy - a parallel linkage system and individual depth control ensure each assembly follows contours perfectly maintaining an even seed depth.
  • Reliability - tried and tested control and metering systems from RDS and Accord respectively give piece of mind that application rates stay consistent and concise.
  • Adjustability - one of the only drills of its type on the market that is provides variable row spacing as standard.

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