Dale Drills

- Mounted Tine Drill (MTD)


With the MTD, Dale Drills have taken a different approach to their previous models by making a conventional drill that is capable of direct drilling, in well managed surface trash. The MTD's simple design makes it quick to set-up. It's strong and compact framework as well as low draught requirement make it ideal for use on smaller tractors. Following harrows ensure the drill leaves a level surface. Wheeling eradicator tines are also fitted. A 1.2t hopper allows the loading of 1t bags, before the drill runs completely empty. An accessible platform is placed at the rear of the hopper. The MTD has Accord metering units and uses an RDS Artemis control system which can be linked to GPS and is capable of variable seed rate on the move.

The Future of Efficient Crop Establishment

The MTD's key benefits are:

  • Economical - Low draught tines mean less fuel is used
  • Versatile - can be used in direct and conventional seed beds
  • Good Clearance - 500mm between tines
  • Accurate - Flexing spring tines help to maintain a constant depth
  • Long lasting - Tungsten carbide tipped boron steel tines
  • RDS control system - links into tractor GPS control unit for variable application rate on the move
  • British designed and manufactured - high quality, innovative drills at competitive prices

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