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- Zero Till Drill


Dale Drill's Zero Till Drill incorporates Seed Hawk Tines from Canada. Although not of our own design, the Seed Hawk tines match the tines used on the other drills in our range by being low draught and giving accurate seed placement. Like on the Eco-Drill, hydraulic rams ensure penetration in almost all conditions, whilst well spaced tine assemblies ensure excellent trash flow through the drill. Two tines per assembly allow for seed and fertiliser placement if required. A foam filled, rubber press wheel ensures good soil to seed contact as well as setting the depth.

A one pass drill ideal for all conditions

The Zero Till Drill's key benefits are:

  • Economical - only 120hp to pull a 6m drill
  • Capable of drilling seed and fertiliser
  • Versatile - can be used in direct and conventional seed beds
  • Massive clearance between tines for trash flow
  • Long lasting - Tungsten carbide tipped boron steel tines
  • Choice of Accord ESC or RDS control system - links into tractor GPS control unit for variable application rate on the move

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