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The Dalen 2022 is mounted asymmetrically so that the right side is longer then the left. You do not have to drive all the way upto the snowbank when plowing.  This mounting generates a throwing action while operating. When reversing the blade, it is the left side that passes under the beam.  This allows for a shorter beam, which in turn positions the centre of gravity back towards the tractor, thus giving better blade and tractor control.  This really comes into it's own when plowing up hill, or when plowing wet and heavy snow.

Your big tractor would look great with a high-strength professional blade attached to it!  It has a great design, in addition to high-functionality and reliability that is requied for your operation.  Your customers will be assured that when they are counting on you, your equipment will work!
Asymmetric mounting

The right side of the blade has an integrated discharge wing, with a height of 99cm, and makes it it possible to drag large amounts of snow, or throw the snow over the snow banks or guardrails
The blade is supported by bearings in the upper and lower beam attachment.  This results in less wear and longer life.
Two shock valves as standard
Adjustment of the blade angle can be done hydrualically from the cabin, and can be easily switched from pulling to reversing.  The hydraulic security system is done by valves, that helps prevent damage to the equipment in the event of a collision with an obstacle.
High weight = great scraping effect
All Dalen blades are designed with a hollow profile boom.  On the 2022 this profile is filled with flat steel for increased weight.  The increased weight provides for better scraping, a better job leads to more satisfied customers!  Less snow left behind, means less risk of ice on the road when the temperature increases.  The maximum weight gain is 205kg.
Integrated connection
The Dalen 2022 can be delivered with either standard 3pt linkage, triangle, or HMV connector.  An integrated connection is better than use a frame connection, as there is less risk of play, adds strength, and moves the centre of gravity closer to the tractor.
Scraping edges
The Dalen 2022 comes with a replace scraping egde made of durable steel as standard.  It can be optionally delivered with replaceable scraping edges made from hardened special-quality steel - in either smooth or perforated versions.  All scraping edges feature 305mm hold spacing.
Different wheel solutions

A variety of wheel solutions are available for the 2022.  The blade can be delivered with your choice of hydraulic or manually adjustable wheels,  and truck tires of 5.00x8' or 6.00x9' in size.  The use of truck tires provides steadier scraping, with less vibration.

2022-TP / TRACTOR-MOUNTED BLADE / 615 kg *
Integrated three-point linkage / 300 cm working width / hydraulic control of barrier and blade / without wheels
2022-TR / TRACTOR-MOUNTED BLADE / 615 kg *
Integrated Triangle linkage / 300 cm working width / hydraulic control of boom and blade / without wheels
2022-HM / TRACTOR-MOUNTED BLADE / 615 kg *
Integrated HMV linkage / 300 cm working width / hydraulic control of boom and blade / without wheels

* Blade weight can be increased by up to 205 kg.
Manual or hydraulic wheels, 5.00x8' or 6.00x9' truck tires

The Dalen 2022 is a strong, professionally constructed blade, and is ideally suited for high-horsepower tractors.

  • Professionally constructed blade with security system.
  • Integrated wing with high snow discharge height.
  • Asymmetric mounting - extended reach to the right
  • High construction weight, provides for excellent scraping effect, upto 205kg extra weight.

  • Working width 300 cm
  • Working height 68 cm
  • Working height,wing 99 cm
  • Control of the blade hydraulic
  • Control of boom hydraulic
  • Weight, from 615 kg*

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